About Me ♥️🥰✌🏼

Basically, I'm a twenty-something Wisconsinite exploring and making art along the way 😋

I've been dabbling in all kinds of art since I was a kid- anything from sewing apparel, to painting, to DIY room decor projects. I love plants, hiking, and traveling as well, and those themes often find themselves integrated in my work.

In 2017 I graduated high school from a tiny town in southeastern Wisconsin. I took a trip to explore Europe, then came home to begin an associates degree. For the next few years, I finished school and then worked full time at a cafe, all the while taking yearly solo trips- like visiting friends in Europe, or volunteering in Puerto Rico.

In 2021 my passion for travel- and desire to find a warmer place to live- brought me to far west Texas. In 2022 I moved to San Antonio and started doing pop up markets around the city selling my art. I worked for Kidcreate Studio during my time in the city, and it is thus far my favorite place I have ever worked ♥️

In 2023 I moved back home and began exploring other avenues for a creative future career. I began exploring digital programs like Procreate to create stickers and digital artworks. I later began taking classes to learn how to use their new Procreate Dreams Animation software. At the end of the year, I enrolled in online classes with NYU & Yellowbrick, and Parsons The New School. I am now working on a Film Studies Certificate, and a Fashion Design Certificate, which should both be complete by Summer 2025.

I call myself a no-niche artist, as I have a tendency to do a range of various projects, each using different mediums. I dabble in digital art, watercolor, acrylics, candle making, jewelry making, fashion design, and lots more. I hope to find myself in a career that can make use of some of those skills, and that can challenge me in my creative processes.

You can follow me on Instagram and Tiktok to see what I am currently working on, to get updates on any events I'm doing, and to see random behind the scenes and pictures when I'm traveling and making art🥰

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