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Ashley Schroepfer



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3 inch glossy vinyl sticker

This piece is a crossover of both digital and physical art.  The main kaleidoscope image is created from a photo of flowers creeping along a wall, which I had taken while in Greece.  Placed along the edges of that shape is the image of a physical doodle I had done using pink watercolors.  The painting was very simple, yet feminine, and I knew it would fit perfectly in this piece.  I’m not usually much into pink myself, but I feel that this piece breathes femininity- natural elements that are soft and intricate, dainty yet strong.  This piece is one that can be interpreted in many ways, based on what images the viewer picks out in the shapes.  In the center, I see warning faces and women standing guard.  But the outside is soft and floral, pretty and kind.  It reflects all of us, our many sides and pieces of ourselves.  Some that are visible to the outside, and some that are not.

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