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Ashley Schroepfer



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9"x9" Full Color Print on Recycled Cardstock, embellished with glitter

This piece consists of a photograph of flowers, and a mushroom drawing.  Can you find them? ;)  

To create the kaleidoscope background, I first selected a photo I had taken of some purple flowers.  I then edited the photo to saturate the colors and selected a triangular portion to use in the piece.  I used the triangle to create a symmetrical, six sided figure in photoshop.  From there, I imported and edited an image of a few mushrooms I had drawn.  I changed the colors of the original drawing from red to pink, blue and purple.  I then arranged them in the shape as I liked, and duplicated them so they were symmetrical.  The finished piece is a trippy design made of both digital and physical art. :)  

Watch the behind the scenes:

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